We are open six days a week, excluding Sundays and public holidays. We recommend contacting our clinic directly for specific timings and any regular-hour changes.
We prefer that patients make an appointment to see a doctor for prescription needs. This approach ensures we provide the most up-to-date medication and healthcare available. It’s crucial for us to responsibly manage your healthcare, and in-person consultations facilitate that.
Please inform the receptionist while booking if you believe you’ll need a longer appointment than the usual allocated time. We strive to cater to the specific needs of our patients and will accommodate longer consultations when required.
We’re committed to providing preventive health care. Occasionally, we send out reminders offering preventative health services that align with your care. If you prefer not to receive these reminders or be part of this system, please inform us, and we’ll respect your wishes.
Berrimah Family Practice operates as a Mixed Billing Service. This means that while some services might be bulk billed, others may require a payment.
We request that all patients make full consultation payments upfront. Once the payment is made, the Medicare rebate will be instantly transferred into your account directly at the counter, leading to out-of-pocket fees.
Yes, children under 16 and DVA card holders are eligible for Bulk Billing during weekdays. However, these concessions are available from Monday to Friday and are not applicable on Saturdays and Public Holidays.
Certainly! Starting from the 01st of April 2023, Berrimah Family Practice no longer offers concessions or Bulk Billing on Saturdays and Public Holidays. This change aligns with our commitment to maintaining the highest service standards while ensuring sustainability.
Absolutely! While some billing practices have been adjusted, we wish to reassure all our valued patients that we remain committed to providing the best and most affordable services. Our primary aim is to ensure every patient receives quality healthcare without compromise.

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